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Initial Review: 10-13-11 | by: Socks Manly
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Joybear Review

Joybear is yet another testament to just how much original pornography is produced for the internet. We’ve been around since late 2001, and Joybear has been doing their thing since 2003. And yet if they hadn’t found us and sent us a heads up to have a look, it might be even more years before we found them.

And I for one am happy ASS and London, England based Joybear have finally made a connection.

I’ll admit, when I first saw the site appear in our review requests, I figured it was going to be a clone of that dancing bear site, and I wasn’t overly enthused. Thankfully, I couldn’t have been farther from the truth.

Joybear Pictures is an adult site that produces pornography for couples, a growing trend as people tire of the wham-bam-thank-you-mam typical style of shooting. It seems lots of folks are turning towards more erotic forms of porn of late, and I welcome the stampede.

This is the kind of sexy fun that both women and guys can get into, and let’s face it, that means it’s pretty much shot with women in mind. Respect, softness, intelligence, scene design, all of these play a part in evoking the erotic out of their actors and actresses.

It isn’t all male on female porn here either, there are girl-girl scenes, and threesomes as well. Oh and don’t think that just because it’s made for women that things aren’t hard and intense, things are perhaps even more intense – just more real and appreciative at the same time.

Before I get into the members area, I should point out that Joybear doesn’t use a standard membership system. First you sign up as a free member, which gives you free access to the first 3 minutes of their latest video, access to some pictures, a newsletter if you want to receive it, and some special offers.

After that, it works on a sort of on-demand system. You buy tickets and spend them around the site. There are two types of tickets – streaming and downloading, and the downloading tickets cost a bit more. 5 streaming tickets runs £9.75 (charged in GBP, or the equivalent in your local currency) while it’s £13.50 for 5 download tickets.

With streaming, you’re only able to watch the video once, a real bummer if you ask me. I’d much rather the videos you purchase be unlocked in your account to be viewed as you wish, however that’s not the case here.

With downloading, the quality is a bit nicer, and you can watch the files at will on your PC whenever you wish.

They use CCBill, the largest and most trusted credit card biller, so that’s nice. Also there is no such thing as a recurring charge at Joybear, it’s always pay as you go.

All movies are 1 ticket.

I’m not thrilled with the billing options though, especially at expensive UK pound prices. This is realy feeling like a premium experience, and won’t suit all viewers. However, their choice, and your choice on whether to buy it.

Phew! Can we get to the members area already?!

There’s really only one section inside the site devoted to their content, which is called Scenes. If you click Scenes in the header, you see all the videos, however it includes more than just the JoyBear content, also including scenes from several other studios. Thankfully there is a dropdown where you can select just the JoyBear movies, or the other studios (Evil Angel, New Sensations, Adam & Eve, and some Retro movies too).

We usually just focus on the exclusive content, so we’ll stick to that in this review. There are 60 scenes in total when you apply the JoyBear filter, and 194 scenes in total if you include all the other content. The other videos are at least true to the theme of being very erotic, appealing to women and couples.

Clicking to stream my first scene, I’m surprised to find out that it’s not working for me. I get a play button and a progress bar, but there’s no video. I waited a few minutes to see if it was loading, but nothing. It did take away my credit though! Bah. Perhaps it’s because I use Google Chrome as my browser. Trying with FireFox now.

Okay there we go. I tried the same movie using FireFox, it loaded QuickTime within the browser and played fine. Also since it was the same movie, I wasn’t charged another credit to view it, so no harm done as far as the Chrome failure went, it didn’t count as two credits/tickets, so that’s nice.

The video is pretty standard sized, nothing too large, and I’m not able to go full screen with it or make it any larger. I’m also unable to skip ahead through the scene, only play or pause and let it buffer. I can fast forward, but only as far as I’ve downloaded. Another small annoyance is that since the videos load in an overlay, you need to be careful not to click in the background, or you’ll lose your download progress and need to start again from the beginning.

The videos run between 12 and 35 minutes each, with about 20 as an average.

I wasn’t given any download credits, only streaming, so I can’t comment on those. I’ll send an e-mail and ask for some download credits now, and report back later.

I’m a bit torn with JoyBear. While I like the concept and the scenes they shoot, I’m not a huge fan of the on demand system, it seems expensive and limiting. If you were to download all of their 60 original scenes, it would cost… $240 in US dollars at today’s exchange rates. And that’s not even getting to enjoy the added content from the other studios! Now chances are you won’t be interested in all 60 scenes, so there is the option of just viewing what you want, but it still seems pricey.

I’m also a bit bummed that there are no dates on any of the scenes, so it’s impossible to tell if and when they make updates. Less important I suppose since this isn’t a standard membership based site, but I still like my dates.

But I do like their style of porn! It’s free to join and poke around, and you’ll only need to enter a credit card if you want to buy something, so might as well do that and see what you think for yourself. There are no pictures at Joybear, only videos, so I can’t post any alongside the review.

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User Comments

Posted by: JJPitt [London] on 11-15-11

I’ve been using this site for a while and whilst they may not churn out the most amount of updates their content is good and their blog is sometimes amusing.

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