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Initial Review: 06-22-03 | by: Max Harmer
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Kevin Maklin Review

KevinMaklin.com, home of the gorgeous Tereza Fox and talented photographer, Kevin Maklin. Before going on to list Kevin’s accomplishments, let me just say that Swedish born Tereza Fox is a smokin’ hottie. Kudos to Kevin for finding and publishing her. He’s created quite the content-rich website by focusing on Tereza and other choice hotties.

After browsing around the preview section, I was expecting a minor photographers site with a couple images of some cute local girls. I was dead wrong. KevinMaklin.com is home to over one hundred and fifty pictorial galleries. All photosets by Maklin. All smokin’ hotties. Check out the sample pics to grasp what I’m trying to convey. Single girl sets, two girl sets, multiple girl sets, boy/girl sets and multiple boy/girl sets, if action is what you crave, seek it here. These are glamourous girls.

The pic gallery uses a somewhat odd browsing system, although it does allow for large thumbnails. The only setback is the loading time, negligable on a broadband pipe – but could cause a problem for modem viewers.

The movies, *gasp* if only there were more. The movies of Tereza Fox on the site are huge (50mb-90mb), high-quality, full audio, squeezing, rubbing, groping, turn-ons. In one of the videos, she’s applying her makeup, the shoot starts as a close-up of her in the mirror provocatively applying lip gloss, then the camera pans back to see her standing up, out of the chair to get closer to the mirror, the panty shot is *drool worthy*. Then somehow she’s masturbating. That always seems to happen in porn, a girl’s doing something as innoculous as applying makeup when she’s overtaken by the irresistable urge to jill diddle herself. Porn cliches aside, it’s still very well done. Tereza’s not the only star here though, Sylvia Saint and Veronika Zemanova also star in the videos. There are also a couple of Boy/Girl movies on the site aswell.

The drawback to the extreme video size is that it takes a lot of bandwidth, because of this, Kevin only has 11 movies online at any given time. It seems like a small number, but each of these videos is long enough to cover at least 3 withdrawls from the wank bank.

Video selection aside, the site *does* have the 150 pictorial galleries, all high-quality content. Pic updates come every week, so hungering for new content shouldn’t be a problem. The site retails for $20.00 a month, so
if you like the look of the sample pictures, you should definitely give the site a once-over.

All in all it’s an okay looking site with some fantastic content held within. Thankfully, there are no popups or even banner ads on Kevin’s site. It’s pure Maklin.

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User Comments

Posted by: Lukas [Czech Rep.] on 03-24-04

Guys, the site had to be closed down because too many thieves were stealing our pics/vids publishing them all over the net. However, we’ve opened a new site – it’s a shop and all the photos + many many new shots you’ll find there. The URL is www.kevinmaklin.com

Posted by: roxfanuk [uk] on 06-21-03

what’s happened to the site??? Seems like all the rare hard stuff that I’m after is there, but the site’s down! Argghhh!!

Posted by: totale [uk] on 06-08-03

The site was great, but it’s been down about six weeks now, with no sign of coming back. Shame.

Posted by: totale [uk] on 02-11-03

Not the flashiest of sites by a long way, and the organisation isn’t great, but the girls are pretty (no big hair or silicone) and there’s plenty of exclusive pics.

Posted by: The Dude [UK] on 10-10-02

I’ve been a member of this site for about 8 months now and it really is worth the money. Regular updates and original content for only $20 is good value!

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