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Initial Review: 11-17-02 | by: Johnson Phats | Last Updated: 08-02-04
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Kiko Wu Review

Kiko Wu’s got some hot pictures on her website. Kiko Wu’s asian site impresses you immediately with it’s extremely simple layout. There aren’t a lot of graphics to deal with at the members homepage, and Kiko lays all of your options right out in front of you. Try as you may, you can’t really send yourself to the wrong place. The main page has a simple colour scheme, making it easy to look at.

The first portion you would probably choose to see Kiko’s pictures is the updates section. It’s the first thing you see in the members menu. The site gets updated 3 times a month, with 1 to 3 sets of pictures. There are 40 to 60 pics per set, so there are anywhere from 2-3 hundred original pics added a month. The gallery archives date back to 1997, so there is lots of content on Kiko’s site. All of the pics appear to be 424×640 or 640×424. They look good, and there are lots to pick from. So all in all, it’s a great image archive that is easily navigated.

There are almost 150 video clips and movies of Kiko Wu and a wide variety of nude female companions. There is almost any type of movie for you to see, minus hardcore with men. There are shower videos, bedroom scenes, and a few that are nude in public. All of the
videos load quickly and play very well, no problems there. The live channels are pay as your stroke, but there is a wide variety of girls available for you to pick from.

Kiko Wu’s diary that is updated nearly every day. It tells of her normal every day life as well as all her intimate details. She really gives you a good idea who she is and what she’s all about. There is also a bio page, a forum, and a collection of writings. This site is quite big and very entertaining. At $14.95 a month, Kiko has many ways to keep you busy.

Oh, After talking with Kiko she thought it would be good to mention how involved she is with her website, much moreso than we were able to uncover during our uhm, routine review process I guess you would say. =) We just can’t read months of diary entries, although we do try to read enough to understand how they interact with their members. Anyways, I love it when a webmaster like Kiko Wu cares enough to bitch at me, because it proves they actually care about their service. Kiko runs a tight ship and spends countless hours every day working on her website for her members.

Review Update: 08-02-04 | by: Socks Manly

Wow, haven’t seen this one in a while. It’s really crazy trying to keep tabs on all these sites! Kiko Wu has apparently been an archive since some time in 2003. Expect no updates. She was certainly a splash in the adult scene, drama seemed to follow this girl. Make of it what you will, but don’t expect to get any new content from Kiko Wu. Original score was 88.

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User Comments

Posted by: Drew [Pasadena] on 01-01-05

Kiko was super sexy with B cups, definitely. That’s most of the pics on her (now dead) website. But she was even hotter and even more of the ultra-fantasy girl with the Double D’s. Those large breasts on her small Asian body were just about the sexiest … [read more]

Posted by: HornDawg2000 [Europe] on 12-31-04

About the tits, Kiko Wu has B-cups in the early shots, before she “upgraded” to DD’s, but even those B-cups were obvious fakes, and detrimental to her allure.
She was still hot, I subscribed for months in 2002, only cancelling when she got the DDs, but she’d have been even hotter … [read more]

Posted by: Drew [Pasadena] on 12-28-04

Very sad Kiko’s website suddenly stopped. It was clearly the best Asian–no best adult–website out there. Kiko had a bit of an attitude, could be nasty with her members, often unfairly so at times, caused perhaps by years of dealing with the porn trade and her stripper life. … [read more]

Posted by: maek [cleveland] on 09-19-04

Kiko was hotter in the beginning, but the boob job was a mistake. Man, she used to have perfect boobs for an asian, then she get the job — looks like some avg porn chick now. A lesbian and man hater, she has no photos of her having real sex…

Posted by: Blob Hardvey [Down on the Upside] on 02-08-04

Why get a MONSTER tit job just before you quit the biz? I guess we may never know the end of the Kiko story. Hope she’s retired and living happily somewhere, not face down in a ditch.

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