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81.65% – 224 Total Votes

Initial Review: 10-04-03 | by: Jonny Bogez
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KScans Review

Kscans.com brings you a documentary style view of an Eastern European Model Agency. The site’s picture and video style aims to give the viewer a more “behind the scenes” feel for the models. The site is divided into Professional Models, Model Tryouts/New Models, and Amateurs. Many of the girls on the site are quite classy looking and glamourous, but this prissy image is quickly shattered by the hard fetish acts they perform.

Each model has her own section on the site – often with hundreds of pics to choose from. The sections are organized by such themes as: Faces, Peeing, Steel Rods, fisting, and many others. A major source of originality are the gynacology and proctology instruments used in some of the shoots. When they say “spread wide open” they definitely mean it. Some other popular items include baseball bats, steel spikes, tampons, and anal plugs.

Where this site falls short is in the video category. There are very few (if any) videos available for each model. Those videos that are included usually show a model doing one particular act. Some of the vids are done by “The Puppet Master”, one of the site’s owners. In these videos, it is The Puppet Master who is fucking the girls while shooting. This makes for some shakey playback, and makes everything he says so loud, it sounds like its coming from inside your head. It doesn’t help that he has a thick Eastern-European accent when he says stuff like “so.. do you like sex?”, or “suck on my balls” in the middle of the shoot. Mind you, this was pretty good for a laugh.

Overall, the site’s models are very decent looking, and by throwing in some more videos, it would receive an even better rating. The membership cost is $19.95 for the first month, and $14.95 for each additional month. You can also buy 90 day and 180 day packages for $40.00 and $70.00 respectively.

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User Comments

Posted by: Local [California] on 03-05-06

A 50 RATING? should be a 25!of LOWER for Movies are breakdown to small and VERY LOW QUALITY!!!!DVD quality you have to PAY a Membership to access them! this site has lots of fetishes both Pictures and Movies LOW FRICKEN QUALITY!I’ve seen better Sites like clubsandy,give me pink, pix and … [read more]

Posted by: johnny [NY] on 05-25-05

Still a 90? I won’t stop complaining until you lower this rating.. The K-scan folks are ripping people off thanks to this ridiculously inflated rating. Agin, ASS has NO credibility until this is fixed.

Posted by: johnny [NY] on 05-06-05

HAHA. I agree, pretty hilarious how all those pro comments were planted. So was the 90 rating! Hey, ASS folks, as long as K-Scans has a 90 rating, your ENTIRE Site has no credibility. Also, why haven’t you removed all those fake positive comments. Doesn’t take … [read more]

Posted by: The H. [London] on 02-03-05

The pro-comments on this page are really funny! I didn’t know there were so many different people from all over the world who make exactly the same grammar mistakes. 😉

Posted by: johnny [NY state] on 02-02-05

90??? Are you joking?? This dude has like 15 videos total. He just loops them this way or that, each 2 minute video is really only about 5 seconds of video spun around, zoomed in and out, repeated over and over. All with this annoying stupid music. I … [read more]

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