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Initial Review: 11-13-09 | by: Socks Manly
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Leandro Comics Review

Leandro Comics is the site of one Leandro Oliveira, hailing from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He’s an artist who produces all of these sex cartoons, in the style made popular from classic comic books.

I was surprised to see that he draws many well known super heroes that everyone knows, such as Spider Man, Superman, Justice League, Lara Croft, Megachick, Supergirl, Batman, Wolverine, Catwoman, and tons more. All half naked. All having sex with other mutants and super heroes. Oh, and let’s not forget Little Red Riding Hood! I mean who doesn’t fantasize about her. I’m not sure how they’re allowed to do that, or if it’s just under the radar or what.

Or maybe that’s what the parody laws are for, that let you make fun of things like this without fear of lawsuits. No clue really!

Leandro is definitely a talented artist, and all the characters are well done and realistic. I think he does the girls sometimes better than the super heroes, which I didn’t mind personally.

The comics have panes just like a book would, and include some story that quickly leads to getting naked and fucking. Often it’s a bad guy capturing a good girl superheroine and having his way with her.

Leandro Comics loads their photos in a pop-up window, which was nice because you could click on any image to go to the next one, making it easy to skip through the images in a set. However it made it bad for me, because I can’t save any of the images! I have no idea what I’m supposed to use for samples. Sigh.

Anyways I can verify that what you see on the tour was drawn by Leandro, as what you see on the inside of the site matches what’s on the free tour in style and design.

It’s obviously really hard to make new content for a site like this, and coming up with 10 pages of drawn work takes time for each update. Keeping that in mind, I think there’s a good deal of content here. There are around 65 comic book porn sets on the site so far.

As for topics, some of them include: Supergirl versus the alien sex fiend, The interrogation of Catwoman, Wonder Woman sucking Flash’s cock, Superman and SUpergirl fucking int he fortress of solitude, Mystique and Sabertooth fucking hard, Hulk smash puny Betty pussy, and many more.

The price is a bit expensive at $34.95 a month, but I guess that’s the price for quality like this. I don’t have excessive experience with the cartoon and comic stuff either, so perhaps the market is a bit higher than normal paysites. I wouldn’t doubt it. What I have seen before hasn’t looked this good.

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