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Initial Review: 05-19-04 | by: Socks Manly
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Max Hardcore Review

Max Hardcore is proving to be a tough site to review, for various reasons. If you don’t know who he is, or that it’s even some guy, then you might want to turn back right now. Then again, you might just eat this stuff up.

I’ve actually met Max Hardcore, at a webmaster convention in Las Vegas. He was wearing nothing but some white briefs, trying to fight this other guy. The man certainly lives a fast lifestyle.

His website at Maxhardcore.com is a tough call for me. The content itself is great (if this is your sort of thing) and Max gets into the craziest positions. His name and description are the same – Max Hardcore. Watching a girl get sexually used and abused is the ultimate for some, and this is probably the best site I’ve seen for it.

Throat fucking, vomiting over and over again (extra lube no?), screams of pain, fisting, choking, double penetration, anal, and of course lots of tears… these girls certainly earn their money. The crazy part? Most of the girls are loving it.

The site has a ton of content, it’s really hard to tell how much exactly because it’s divided into a number of sections. Some of the videos are great, while others are very poor quality excerpts from his movies. They’re all excerpts I’m sure, but some are better than others. There’s lots and lots of clips to download, so perhaps using some kind of download manager would help a lot here.

Mostly this site is about the pictures though, and it does this very well. There is an easy to use (automatic, actually) picture slideshow browses through the pictures, or you can quickly skip through 8 pictures at a time by viewing nice sized thumbnails.

This site could be designed a lot better, you end up with lots of windows open and remembering where stuff is isn’t easy. This site would be a lot better with a standard navigation scheme. Having said that, the content is all here and is of the most extreme variety, especially coming mostly from the USA. The girls aren’t all pretty, and even if they are, they aren’t by the time Max Hardcore uses them. 🙂

In the end, the ugliness of the site doesn’t matter once you see how much content is available here. The sheer uniqueness of the content is amazing, I really haven’t seen much else like this on the web.

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