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Latest Review: 02-06-07 | by: Furry Monster
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Met Art Review

After the review in 2005 by my friend Socks, I was given a chance to write about this wonderful site. For those who haven’t heard about it yet: Met-Art has been the leading site in nude erotic photography for many years now. The reason is quite simple, they strive to be the best in all aspects, beauty, art, quantity, quality, user friendliness. The main theme is solo girls posing nude.
Today Met-Art counts 397.240 photos, which means they did it again – doubled the amount in 1.5 years. There are 387 movies, and they’ve also been doing live shows for a while.


You may ask yourself, how is it possible that they grow in such a pace, while keeping quality? Met-Art is the collective work of over 80 talented photographers, some of them well-known, others haven’t made themselves a name yet. One thing is sure, you won’t find lousy stuff in here. See the bottom of this review for a list of the photographers at Met-Art.

MET Models

Photographers are nothing without beautiful girls. Met-Art has over 1300 models, but not just any 1300. All of them are from the kind, which would be your favourite picks on other sites. The most gorgeous girls, with natural, slim bodies. They are from all around the world, but I would say Met-Art is a great place if you have a thing for Russian and Eastern European girls. Met Art is well-known for discovering natural beauties, before anyone else gets to them. Part of the reason must be that girls can be proud of these photos, as they’re art. A lot of them are quite young looking, but everyone is over 18 of course. If you wish to see fresh, innocent ladies, this is the place to visit.


When photographers try to create art instead of just the weekly series, you get something better than the usual. I’m not saying all galleries are amazing here, that’s not possible for this amount of images. However, there’s a great number of unique erotic sets. My personal favourites are the playful ones, the ones taken in the nature, and where girls play with the water, or different materials. There’s many classic shots taken indoors too, the photographers play with the light filtering through the window. There are some sets with two girls posing, but most of them are solo. They are erotic sets, as for the nudity level, most have spreading, closeups are rare though.
There can be no complaints about quality. The newest sets are around 4000×3000 pixels in resolution, others are 3000×2000, and there are some in 1800×1200. Check our samples! Each set is available in a lower resolution too, for people with slower Internet connections. Both resolution sets can be downloaded in a compressed ZIP file.


There are two types of movies basicly. The first type is when they record a backstage movie of a photo shoot. The second is where girls pose or dance with some smooth background music playing. Generally I’m not a big fan of these kind of stuff, but with the new HD resolutions, it’s great just to admire such goddesses in motion. All the new movies are downloadable in 6 formats: DivX (.avi), Apple H.264 (.mov), MPEG, WMV, iPod (.m4v), PSP (.mp4). The WMV and H.264 are watchable streamed off the website too. The movies are only available in one file, no segments, I don’t mind that though. There’s no DRM protection, so you can freely watch the saved files as many times as you want.
As I said, the new DivX and H.264 are amazing quality, in 1280×720 HD resolution. They will look great on a HDTV compatible television. Unfortunately I didn’t find HD samples on their preview pages, but you certainly need a good computer to play these properly (P4 3ghz is fine). Of course you could always go for the MPEG or WMV files, and only the newest movies are available in such high resolutions.

Live Cams

First and foremost, Met-Live is by Met-Art, for Met-Art. It’s not another seperate website, it’s not run by another company, and it’s a lot less hardcore than most live chats. The models are regulars, and from what I’ve seen from watching the shows, many of the members and models already know each other quite well. The chat is also heavily moderated, so you won’t see the normal crude dirty talk that you would on most other websites. The audio is great, the girls are sexy, and it fits in perfectly with Met-Art.com. Met-Art has never been about hardcore porn, so why would they start now?
And to think I haven’t even mentioned the best part yet – it’s completely, and totally, free! There is no extra charge worked into the membership price. You can NOT take the girl to a private show! She is NOT trying to sell something to you.
They’ve doubled the amount of shows since our last visit – the site now offers 6 shows daily, each one 2 hours long, and with a different girl. Video size is also bigger.


Met-Art is easy to navigate. Sets are sorted by date. You can view sets as a slideshow, set your preferred resolution, and if images should load alone or together with navigation buttons. You can vote for the models and the sets, so there’s a bestof page for both. There’s a My Favorites section, where you can add the galleries that you wish to view again.
There’s a simple and an advanced search option. In the advanced one, you can set the girl’s hair and eye color, if you want them shaved or not, photographer’s name, and if it should be an indoor or outdoor set.
You may also spider the site, and use a download manager! That’s very rare, I’m impressed.


Met-Art is an amazing site, the kind which you can get lost in, and keep revisiting for months. The staff is absolutely dedicated. It keeps growing, as they add 4 new sets daily! If you like their content, don’t hesitate to sign up.
Membership options:

  • 1 month recurring: 30$
  • 1 month non-recurring: 40$
  • 3 months recurring: 60$
  • 3 months non-recurring: 70$
  • 1 year non-recurring: 100$

List of Met-Art Photographers

Erro, Goncharov, Tim Fox, Voronin, Slastyonoff, Majoly, Giovanni Nova, Rylsky, Skokov, Volkov, Mark, Andre Le Favori, Jan Vels, Clovis Nascimento, Ingret, Gubin, Jan Kruml, Uranov, Magoo, Gribanov, Michael Maker, Victor Linderborn, Nancy Murrian, Max Asolo, Max Stan, Natasha Schon, J. B. Root, Maria Kenig, Pasha, Nikonoff, Alex Deonisius, Razin, Jilles Villeprat, Arcady, Fan Xue Hui, Morozov, Federov, Anry V, Sydious, Richard Murrian, Roy Stuart, Durante De La Rosa, Matt Sharp, Gabriele Rigon, Rigin, Chepurnoy, Yousoudo, Alastonia, Zesleder, Sunrise, Stainless, Rustam Koblev, Michael White, Georgi Gustov, Andy Baker, Joanna Edwards, Paromov, Darya Gargul, Tsumibito, Deviatkin.

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User Comments

Posted by: Greg [Texas] on 02-07-11

Amazing amount of digital content and vibrant young beauties. The hi-res photos and quality vids make this site a steal.

Posted by: Mike [(US)] on 10-08-10

This site is truly amazing and presents the beauty and passion of the femal form like never before. The models are delicious and the photography is top notch, not to mention the stunning quality of the erotic movies.

Posted by: kade [new york] on 09-04-10


Posted by: Marco [Italy] on 06-12-10

You are very fantastic reporter. Thank yuo .

Posted by: Ukulele [Met-Art] on 05-07-10

This is just another porn industry rip off. Some cute girls but not better than a regular site. Girls sit around nude on a rock or something and when there is a pussy shot, it is so far away that you can’t see any thing.
What … [read more]

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