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Initial Review: 05-19-04 | by: Furry Monster | Last Updated: 01-31-08
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Midnight Prowl Review

Midnight Prowl is an adult site in the Meat Members network. They specialize in extreme hardcore content, each with a reality porn twist. There are more than 45 sites in total, and in my opinion, Midnight Prowl is the most outstanding one of these.
This is one of those sites in the “reality” genre. The idea is, that porn starlets do anything for some money, with complete strangers. There are pictures for each model, but it’s mainly a movies site.

Now let’s see the details of the Midnight Prowl story: the porn starlet is driving around with the crew, gets fucked by Frank Wank in the car (He seems to be the star of quite some of the MeatMembers sites!), there’s usually an ass to mouth too in this scene. The nastiest scenes are usually with Frank, he makes the girls lick his asshole, suck his balls, and such. They chat around a bit, get dressed and then head to the local adult video store.

Keeping with the theme of the Midnight Prowl site, their mission is to pick up some strangers who will fuck the girl. The girl usually helps to convince the victims with some free displays of her ass or boobs. Frank Wank and his crew doesn’t want to get in trouble, so they make all guys show their IDs, to make sure they’re of legal age. They’re usually average, or under average looking guys too. They seem to like to involve males of different ethnicities as well, so Midnight Prowl would come through in the interracial genre also.

When they feel that they’ve collected enough adventurous guys, they head to the next stage.. They drive to a motel nearby, or sometimes they just use the back room of the video store. This is when the real fun begins! All the guys bang the actress one by one, and together. Frank Wank usually can’t stand there idle either, so he joins in and fucks the prowl girl too.

Content wise I couldn’t say a bad word about Midnight Prowl. The site is original, content is clearly unique. There has been 41 episodes at the time of the review. The length of the movies vary, each are 45 minutes up to 1 hour 30mins, which is plenty enough for one girl. (Only 4-5 episodes feature 2 girls at the same time, these come with some lesbo action..).

This content is growing continuously too, as they add a new video weekly. They’re quite fair, the date of the last and upcoming addition is marked at the top of the members’ page. The amount of episodes should be enough for a long time.. it could be an issue that the similar plot gets boring in a while, but in this case it’s not true, since you could just switch to one of the other 15 sites of the Meat Members pass family.

The Midnight Prowl videos are downloadable in 4 formats: High Quality Mpeg, Low Quality Mpeg, High Quality WMV and Low Quality WMV. They are also cut in many smaller parts, for easier downloading. There’s a picture gallery for each girl, which contains photos shoots from the movie. Or it would be better to say captures straight from the mpegs. They’re quite poor quality, so if someone would sign up for the pictures, don’t! They’re good for one thing maybe: you can quickly check the main moments of the movie.

The girls at this site I found great, most of them are of the slutty type, somewhere between the porn stars and amateurs, aged 20-30. Perfect for the theme they’ve chosen for Midnight Prowl. There’s some very sexy asian girls too, that’s a plus.

For the men, I’ve mentioned Frank Wank earlier.. well I’d be glad to see others too, he gets boring after a while. (sorry Frank!) A few episodes also have Gary the midget in them. As for the picked up boys, they’re really average ones, some of them ugly or fat even. So they fit in the story.. but if you don’t like looking at ugly guys fucking the girls, this might not be the site for you.

The membership is ~34$ for a month, which is fair considering you get so many sites. They’re always adding more sites too, they’re even numbered and ordered at the meat members site. Some of these extreme sites are quite wacky & perverted, so I suggest you check our MeatMembers review.

Review Update: 01-31-08 | by: Furry Monster

The guys at Midnight Prowl haven’t been lazy. The site has 134 girls now, each with two episodes, the Frank Wank part, and the “gangbanged by strangers” part. The theme remained the same, which isn’t a bad thing, it’s unique and very enjoyable!

I have to say a few bad words about the technical side. The MPEGs are the best looking, but they’re still only medium quality. What annoyed me the most was that you can only download the movies in 5 minute long segments. It’s 2008 now, please give us full downloadable movies! The so-called “highres” photos are below average too. After all of this, the lousy design seems like a minor deal.

The good news is that the Meat Members network is bigger than ever, and it has some great sites in its repertoire. Not only that, but they finally lowered the membership price to 30$ monthly. If you aren’t a HQ freak, and are willing to get past the split-scene issue, the three-month membership for 60$ is worth considering too.

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