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Initial Review: 02-09-11 | by: Socks Manly
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Naked News Anchors Review

I’ve heard of Naked News for a long time, they even get quite a bit of mainstream media coverage for whatever reason. Probably because journalists make the news, and are naturally drawn to a news style porn site.

The idea is simple, they have a team of girls who appear on film wearing clothes and doing the news. While reading, they start taking off their clothes until they’re standing there fully naked. Sometimes two fully nude female news anchors will talk back and forth to each other as they do on traditional TV news programs, while others they’re standing and delivering it solo.

I always thought this site was a bit ridiculous, but what do I know. They’ve been around for more than 10 years now, delivering naked news 6 days a week. They’re clearly doing okay for themselves, and have proven any notion of it being a bad idea a moot point.

Surely they suffer a bit from people with the same train of thought I had. Hopefully some of those people will take another look, because after seeing the members area I’m closer to a fan. There’s certainly a segment of the population who’ve probably supported this site for years, watching their news being delivered naked every day. I can see how it might be habit forming now, and how someone might miss their membership a bit too.

My biggest complaint is their policies on their videos. Why set such restrictions for your paying members, Naked News? 512×384 is verifiably small in 2011, and a long way off from the lowest HD resolution of 1280×720. There’s no reason they shouldn’t be offering that. Full HD is 1920×1080! Also the bit rates are very low too, though variable so it’s hard to pin down. Each video will show a different result, I saw from 300k to 1,000k and everything in between. Juxtapose that with another site I looked at last week that had an 8,000k bitrate. Clearly there’s a lot of room for them to improve here.

Seems almost silly to have this exclusive 2 day x264 version, when it’s the same resolution as the others! The only difference is that the bit rates are higher.

The videos don’t look bad, they even look decent when I maximize. But that’s not the issue. The issue is how much better they could look if they’d just get with the times. Even more mind boggling is how much time they put into producing these things, with full editing, scripting, green screen etc.. And then it gets output at 512×384? Makes you wonder!

The monthly price is fair, especially considering how much work goes into putting this together every week. If you’re looking for something a different this is a good option, it’s a bit of innocent fun and you can still spank your monkey to it.

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