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Initial Review: 11-13-03 | by: Socks Manly | Last Updated: 01-17-08
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Neriah Davis Review

The beautifully blonde Neriah Davis is a model, actress, webmistress and Playboy Playmate. She’s been working on her website it seems since 1999, I’m assuming, as the pictures on the site date back to around then. The Neriah Davis site itself is quite the creation, a javascript wonderland obviously built by someone with some web skills. It’s good in some areas, and bad in others. While the site looks absolutely fantastic and works well overall, it’s not without it’s liabilities too. I’ll explain below.

I signed in to Neriah.com with the free password I was sent to review the site, thanks Neriah! I took a look around and everything looks great. I was really surprised at the extent of the work they’ve put in, making this not just a collection of her modelling work, but a very unique place for Miss Davis’ fans.

What struck me the most were the movies. There were 8 pages of movies, with 4 videos per page. They’re almost like MTV music slash porn movies, usually keeping things on a pretty much Playboy level of nudity. Neriah’s not too shy, something that definitely adds to the allure of a woman this beautiful. You can tell she’s an exhibitionist at heart and just loves being able to get naked for a living.

The photo section was equally as impressive, with fantastic settings, gorgeous color depth, a hot girl who knows what she’s doing, everything is in place. There are lots of pictures here too, something we’d usually be criticizing it seems with a more famous model’s site.

Now, the problems. While the videos were great, they’re not downloadable, a real stake in the heart for those who enjoy collecting. The other problem is that the videos can’t be resized or stretched or even double-sized, just watched as is. Similary in the photo section, often times the pop-up browsing window they have created to view the pictures isn’t quite big enough to fit the picture in, causing you to scroll down even if you’re running a very high resolution and have more than enough space to fit the picture. No matter what your resolution is, you’ll have to do a bit of scrolling to see the whole image. Thankfully, the picture sets are offered in .ZIP format, so you can download them and see them in their full glory.

A good site, they’ve put in a lot of hard work and it’s payed off. A recommended site if you like that high-class glamour porn done in a modern way. One thing is for certain – goddamn that girl is hot.

Just two days after reviewing the Neriah Davis site, she’s already taken some advice from the review and made the videos downloadable. They can now be blown up as you like in your own media player. A nice addition to an already good site, and it’s comforting to know there’s someone paying attention over there.. Can you believe I got a Playboy Playmate to respond to an e-mail at 4AM? Crazyness. 🙂

Review Update: 01-17-08 | by: Socks Manly

The “what’s new” section at the Neriah Davis website says the latest post was from 2005, scary! It’s 2008 now, so I’m assuming this site is no longer taken care of at all. I’m dropping the updates to 0, because if they can’t update their tour in 3 years, chances are about 99% she isn’t posting new updates either.

Unfortunate, Neriah Davis is a smoking blonde and her site was really great. Another one bites the dust!

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