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Initial Review: 08-15-03 | by: Max Harmer | Last Updated: 01-30-07
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Nikki Tyler Review

Nikki Tyler. What can I possibly say? This is the umpteenth Digital Playground site review I’ve written, and the talent just keeps getting better and better. Sure Nikki Tyler can be found all over the web, but this is her official homepage. Now, I’m not saying it has all the Nikki content (due to copyright issues and such,) but I will say that this is the place to find the newest and freshest Nikki content.

After logging into the members area the familiar Digital Playground layout made it’s appearance. Bio, Photos, Videos, News, Store, Diary, and Live Chat. Those categories pretty much explain themselves, Right? Let’s move on.

Nikki’s bio on the page is short, I suggest if you want indepth information you try one of her many fan sites, although the fansites can’t offer what NikkiTyler.com can. Like full rights to broadcast E!’s episode of Howard Stern, starring Nikki and Jenna!!

I just watched a good hour of two of the biggest girls in the biz, playing a dating game on Howard Stern. What did the winner get? Sex from Jenna and Nikki. One catch. Guys couldn’t play. Contestant Number One eventually won the dream date, (Frankly, I was praying they’d choose number two) and later that week, the three of them hooked-up at a No-Tell Motel. The cameraguys made it as far as the door before Nikki and Jenna pushed them out. The three later re-united on Howards show, and Jenna and Nikki were shocked to learn that the contestant not only had one, but two orgasms. Not bad for twenty minutes of work girls, not bad at all. Bonus points to Nikki for giving the girl her first bisexual experience.

Anyways, away from her charm, back to the site. It’s a nice lookin site, very crisp and clean. Digital Playground’s got the reputation around the office for being one of the best “big business” sites. Nikki Tyler’s page only bolsters that rep.

The pics section are divided into the familiar Solo, Boy/Girl, Girl/Girl, and Personal categories. Self-explanatory, Right? The solo shots are glamour and masturbation shots. The personal galleries are ‘behind-the-scenes’ and actual ‘personal’ shots. (I.E., her out at a party, her dancing, her and her friends just relaxing.) In total, only 29 galleries are on the site, but they still amount to a respectful 1941 images.

The video galleries follow the same sorting idea. Solo, Boy/Girl, Girl/Girl, and Personal.
In the Girl/Girl videos, Nikki definately takes the ‘Guy’ role. She loves to toss the girls around and really ‘take’ control. She also likes to give her girlfriends’ head, her technique is impeccable. I’d even go as far as saying that Nikki truly enjoys women much more than men. Unfortunately, there were only 2 Girl/Girl movie shoots online at the time of this review. In total, the movie section is comprised of 15 galleries, totalling almost 4 hours of footage. I’d like to see more, whenever she can pry herself away from Jenna. Maybe some of her and Jenna Jameson?

I checked the news page, and the last entry was at least two weeks prior to my visit. It was advertising a Live Chat one week prior to my visit. I couldn’t find footage of it anywhere, so I’m assuming it didn’t go so well? Hopefully efforts will be doubled to get Nikki involved more into the Diary and Chat sections of the page.

All in all, an okay offering from Nikki Tyler, and a fabulous job done by Digital Playground.

Review Update: 01-30-07 | by: Socks Manly

No longer online, goes to some Jacks Playground site now.

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