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Review Update: 03-06-10 | by: Socks Manly
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Nubile Girls HD Review Update

Forgot to mention that the videos at Nubile Girls HD are at full 1920×1080 resolution, which is 16:9 1080p. They’ll fill any sized monitor and look perfect even on a large screen TV. The bitrate on them is 5,000k too, which is the amount of data stored per second.

Initial Review: 03-06-10 | by: Socks Manly | Last Updated: 03-06-10

Nubile Girls HD Review

Nubile Girls HD is another example of this company doing what they do best, in shooting more teenage HD porn for their network of sites. I think everything they produce at this point is in HD, yet this is the only site that explicitly says it in the domain.

Fitting though that they use this extra marketing for Nubile Girls HD, setting this site up for a higher end feel. The teen girls they use as models are seemingly more attractive on average, with some really gorgeous female specimens in the mix.

Everything is of high quality here, but let’s start with the videos. At first I thought they were streaming only, as there’s no explicit download link. However I simply right clicked and saved as on the video and the big WMV downloaded fine. The first video I chose was 1.4GB too! Huge movies.

If that sounds too big for your liking, the only other option is to view it on the site in their streaming flash player. There are no medium quality options, or clips to be had on NUbile Girls HD. It could use some more choices for people on slower connections, and even people on faster connections who are taking care of how much they download a month.

There are 68 sets total on the site, all including a video and a set of matching photos. Looks like the site was recently launched too, as the first set (Nelly Dildo) was added on October 10th, 2009. You can see all they have to offer by clicking the Archive button in the top menu.

The photos are very big too, usually around 1mb in size per pic, and around 4000×3000 resolutions. Very large. They can be viewed on the site, or downloaded in a ZIP file.

Not much else to report on, I thought there was some really good sets here. Lots of updates in a few months too. If that’s not enough, you get a slew of extra sites with membership, mostly very good ones. 15 exclusive sites, and 17 non-exclusive sites included with membership, with a focus on teen girls mostly.

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