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Initial Review: 06-15-04 | by: Sticky Mcgee | Last Updated: 08-11-05
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Oliver Klozov Review

Oliver Klozov is a world famous russian nude photographer, and this is his slice of internet heaven. His site has been up for at least 3 years now, and maybe longer, I could find no definitive timeline.

Oliver’s page is laid out very simply and easy to navigate. Oliver’s movies/photos of “his” girls, and then the hardcore movies/photos as well. The picture quality of his photos is amazing, and there are 12 pages of girls with anywhere from 3 galleries to 10 or more. Ranging from Playboy-esqe layouts to full masturbation or lesbian scenes. He has a great eye for defining the best poses out of his girls. The videos are of supreme quality as well, although some of the older ones are without sound. All are encoded in MPG or Quicktime formats for easy viewing.

Another very cool feature, is his Live Cameras that allow you to watch as he does a photo shoot live, obviously you have to be on when he’s doing one to see them, but if you catch it at the right time, it’s very cool. He also lists a few specialized areas, like Short skirts, panties and the casting couch, with photos of new girls trying to break into porn or nude modeling I suppose.

He throws in a few member links to So Cal Streams and other streaming feeds to give you even MORE content to look at, all of the links work and the quality is what you will come to expect from Oliver’s site. He also has his recommendations section, where he adds a little bio and some sample pics for the sites he deems are up to his standards. A nice little bonus that doesn’t appear to be simply out to make him some extra cash.

And finally, he makes a very nice shortcut to the latest update, so you can constantly see the new content, he hasn’t updated in about 3 months or so, but all the updates are pretty big, so I think he jumbles them into small packages for you guys. At $30 a month, it’s a really good deal, no pop-ups, no bullshit. Just great quality photos and movies.

Review Update: 08-11-05 | by: Socks Manly

I just had a chance to log back into Oliver Klozov, and was a bit surprised to see what I saw. This isn’t a bad site by any means, there are many sexy women, lots of photo sets, many times multiple sets per girl, and the videos aren’t bad either. Also to make things clear, there probably isn’t a guy named Oliver Klozov, and he probably isn’t Russian, and yes, this site is run from the USA.

The issue with this site is the review score, as our reviewer Lestah was obviously overly excited about this site. While there is a lot of content, and it is quality, much of it just isn’t exclusive. Also there’s lots of white-background photo sets here, and nothing is really sectioned off. No dates of production, no divider between the exclusive and non-exclusive stuff, all these things we’d expect here.

So having said all that, this isn’t a bad site, but it doesn’t deserve the rating we’d given it. Hell, maybe this site has undergone some major changes since our reviewer had a chance to look at it. I just don’t know. Either way, I’m re-scoring it based on the site I saw today.

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User Comments

Posted by: Henk [netherlands] on 08-14-05

Dear All,

The site Oliver Klozov girls is too expencive($34) from the content you receive.
Must of the girls are pro porn models with silicon tits.
The movie content is very little and the moviequality is poor.
There are not many updates a week.
Most off the nice girls doesn’t have a movie and the … [read more]

Posted by: Rod Standish [Outskirts of Leningrad] on 10-27-04

I know Oliver..he’s my comrade 🙂
heh he.

I can’t belive how many people fall for that one!!!

Posted by: Joe Montana [San Diego] on 07-08-04

Oliver Klozov is about as Russian as my aunt Tilly. Think about it for a second, morons! Oliver Klozov. Say that a few times and listen to what you’re saying. “All of her clothes off”. Duh! “Oliver” shoots near San Diego, California. He’s … [read more]

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