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Initial Review: 01-03-09 | by: Socks Manly
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Petites Parisiennes Review

Looks like the people are Petites Parisiennes got back to work faster than most, as they were the first people to submit a site for review at ASS in 2009. Happy New Year everyone! Since they were quick to get back to the grind, so will I! It’s only fair right?

First of all I should explain for those who haven’t figured it out, Parisiennes are people from Paris, France. I remember there’s an old boat of an american car from the 1970’s or 1980’s that was called a Parisienne, and as a kid I never got what it meant, so I guess I should explain that!

I took a look at their free tour, and it was pretty intriguing. The design looks very amateurish, and the girls looked very attractive… Plus it’s from Paris, what can I say, I’m intrigued. Let’s login.

I didn’t take much time logging in and poking around. The first thing I noticed is that their navigation is quite different from most other adult sites. You can view their latest girl, or pick a model from kind of drivers license style cards for example. Getting weirder, you can also pick a location on their map of Paris (as they shoot in lots of illegal locations), or you can pick a location indoors, or a type of location outdoors, like museums, monuments, restaurants, etc. Finally, you can just head straight to the videos section. The strange navigation options is another notch on the amateur side of things.

The first place I usually visit is the videos area, just to get some downloads started while I look at the rest of the site. I can see their videos are 1024×576 resolution in DIVX format. The files are even named .divx which is weird, since divx files are actually AVI’s. Hrmmm. I might haev to rename them to get them to play, not sure yet. Each girl has a movie of them waking up, having a bath, and getting dressed. Very classy. I’m getting the feeling this is more of a photography based site though.

Onto the models section, I’m greeted with 16 lovely ladies, all very very beautiful women. You get some basic stats about them, like name, age, height, weight, measurements, and if they have piercings and tattoos. Most of the girls have 6-8 photo sets, 500-700 photos total, and some have videos. I see 4 girls have videos, the others don’t. They add a new girl every month, which is a lot different from other sites. The entire month focuses on one girl. Hopefully their site grows and they can get enough content shot to move this to a bi weekly system. They really don’t do anything normally here.

Petites Parisiennes is certainly a great spot for fans of exhibitionism and voyeurism, as there’s lots of public nudity type stuff, with the girls getting naked on location outdoors. In fact it’s a mix of indoors and outdoors, at home and in places like restaurants, museums, in a taxi, etc. All the outdoor spots are named too, so for example I see Eve was at La Saint Chapelle, Cite Des Sciences, Aquaboulevard Pool, Taxi Parisien, and Le Kong Restaurant.

The photos are pretty top notch, and can only be downloaded as ZIP files, in either 1000px or 2000px resolutions. Kinda weird again, but you can’t view the pics on the site, just download all the files in a ZIP. Probably the first site I’ve encountered that does this.

Overall I’d say this is a fairly new site with some great ideas, some so-so ideas, and great original content of french girls. Very interesting site, and I hope they do well enough so that we can re-review them in a little bit. I think they’re off to a great and intriguing start for sure. Very original and creative, especially on the exhibitionist side of things. Memberships sell for $15 euros (which has come down a lot vs the american dollar in 2008) through a company called Francebill.net.

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