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Initial Review: 09-18-09 | by: Socks Manly
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Real Punting Review

While doing my uhmmm research for my review of Real Punting, a few things became apparent. First, making a site with real escorts is a real win win situation for everyone. It makes for some great porn videos for sure. Next, it seems that UK is a hotbed lately for porn production. Lastly, we’ve been getting some really great sites submitted as of late! Very nice to have some good sites to review.

In the UK punting is a word normally used for betting I thought, like placing wagers on sports games or horse races. However they seem to be using it here to mean escorting. We can never be too sure what those Brits are on about anyways now can we.

At Real Punting they simply hire escorts who will agree to be on camera, and you see exactly what a customer gets when they book these women. They always start out with a discussion about life, the weather, sex and what it’s like to be an escort in that particular city, and then move on to the business at hand.

Most escorts like to start off with a massage it seems, as that’s where most of the videos seem to go. Other girls are more direct and start with a blowjob. The guys seem to be happy either way.

I thought the videos were really great and refreshing, as you get a sort of inside look into this usually private and secret world. It’s not just a normal porn shoot, which makes it more interesting automatically.

Inside the members area there is a list down the left hand side of all the cities where they’ve been and hired escorts. The list is pretty long, and some of the more popular cities like Manchester, London and Birmingham have quite a lot of girls listed. For example I counted 71 girls just in London alone! Several of them were cut into 3 parts so that number is a bit skewed, but not by much. It’s seriously a lot of content.

While the list of cities is dominated by England, there are some exceptions, including stops in Scotland, Ireland, and even one from Los Angeles with a porn star.

It seems like the earliest dated videos come from 2003, and there’s a seriously quality difference in the old vs new stuff. The old is grainy, small resolution, blocky, yet still watchable because you actually want to watch the movie. Funny thing that.

The new movies on the otherhand I downloaded as 2 large files in HD format. Of the scenes I downloaded, the largest files were over 650mb each, so that was a 1.3gb movie of a single girl. Couldn’t ask for anything better than that. Most were in the 450mb range, and it seemed always had 2 parts.

The movies at Real Punting are really enjoyable to watch, because of the conversatin with the girls they have first. You get to know them a bit, and then the whole service industry thing is just an added touch over the regular hired actors. I certainly downloaded more movies at Real Punting than I do from most sites!

Oh and it should be mentioned that you get to hear these girls talk in their normal voices, which is fricking awesome since they’re English, Irish and Scottish! Wow. Anyone with an accent fetish will love this site too.

In addition you also get a full written report from the guy of what his experience was like, what happened, how they met, etc. Yet another nice touch that turns normal porn site into something extra special.

It’s hard to calculate how many videos are here, because I’d have to count by each city which just gets out of control. I’d guess around 150 videos total, all of real escorts working their trade. They even list the girl’s page at AdultWork where you can book them for yourself, and often their e-mail addresses too.

I wholeheartedly recommend Real Punting, it’s exactly the kind of site we hope to find and list. There’s just no substitute for real amateur pornography like this. Plus I think they’ve taken it to another level by adding the whole allure of escorts and paid mistresses. Topping it off the videos look good, if not a bit shaky at times. Over 1gb for a single movie says it all!

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