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Initial Review: 05-18-04 | by: Socks Manly
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Rub and Tug Review

If you’re not sure what a Rub and Tug is, it’s a massage parlour, often visited after a long night at the strip club. Depending on how much money you’re willing to part with, the girls at the Rub and Tug will satisfy their customers in various ways. This site is an interesting take on the Rub and Tug.

Thankfully they didn’t waste a good domain name like RubAndTug.com on a site that has nothing to do with massages. They shoot their own exclusive content here (it isn’t just collected massage content) so you see their various ladies in hardcore scenes, taking place at a mock Rub and Tug. There’s even a sign on the wall of every video outlining the rules! NO SEXUAL CONTACT is the number one rule! 🙂

This site stays focused, and I was really impressed with the latest update. A cute girl named Heather really took her time on her muscular bald customer, teasing him (and me!). She gave him a nice lengthy rub down, massaging his whole body. He was telling her about a new girl at his work who had him horny with her tiny little skirts, and how she was always showing her panties. With this, Heather the Rub and Tugger got naked on his back and went to work. She spit in her hand and got his dick all wet, then started rubbinb it into her pussy, and you’d swear they were about to fuck, but no. All tease this girl.

Unfortunately all the sets weren’t as exciting, and the site is just getting started. This site was launched in the first few days of 2004. It is the first massage parlour or rub and tug site I’ve seen, probably the only one on the Internet. I’m also surprised there’s on Asian girls here! Usually the Chinese girls represent large at Rub and Tug’s, and there doesn’t seem to be any here.

The other thing that bugged me was the sound quality here. The best way to describe the sound here is that it sounds far away, like the audio is being recorded further than the camera. I think they need to buy a better microphone.

Currently there are 12 updates made to the site, and it’s the end of May. That makes 12 updates in 5 months, nothing spectacular there. The last update was released over a week, 7 parts, one per day, and then a final complete WMV containing the whole set in one file. A nice little touch. Rub and Tug is selling for $29.95 a month, or 5 bucks for a 3 day trial. Alone, this site would be too small to really score well here, but if you consider the other 10 or so sites included with membership, it’s a pretty good deal. All the other sites are similar in idea to this one, with roughly the same amount of content on each site.

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