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Initial Review: 04-17-03 | by: Max Harmer | Last Updated: 06-23-08
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Savanna Make Me Review

Savanna Samson, a Vivid Video girl, showcases herself on the elegantly designed SavannaMakeMe.com. The site contains classy material from Savanna and her friends at Vivid Video. Savanna, previously a Scores New York [Ed: An NYC girlie club] girl is not only a frequent guest on the Howard Stern morning show, but also has appeared on the David Letterman Show, MTV music awards with Kid Rock and the Ed Show.

The site itself is nicely designed, kudos to the webmaster. The heirarchy is setup via a navigation bar on the left which loads sub-menus quickly on every mouseover. Similar to the mouseovers that ASS uses. [Ed: ‘Categories’ on the main page.] Anyways, the site is easy to navigate, as you can jump from one genre to another with ease. Enough about the design features, on to Savanna Samson.

Upon entering the members section, Savanna and her gorgeous pierced nipples greet me. The breakdown goes like this. Savanna solo, Hardcore, Hot legs, and Friends for the pictorial galleries. There’s also Video Clips, and Savanna’s diary.

The pictorial galleries are high quality pics, ‘pornostyle’, meaning staged and not authentic orgasms, something we value highly at ASS. But with these types of pics it’s guarenteed beautiful women, like Savanna Samson. Take a look at the sample pics to find out. The Hot Legs section is targetted at the foot and
pantyhose fetishists, and judging by the detail applied, the photographer knows what the fetishists are looking for. Roughly sixty pictorial galleries in all, scenarios of all kinds, each with anywhere from thirty to sixty pics.

Only five videos were available, each full-length, available for download in chunks. Considering she’s signed with Vivid video, perhaps her site should feature more video content? Something for the webmasters to ponder. The videos are only available in RealPlayer format as well, by far the worst of three options available for streaming video these days. [Windows MediaPlayer and Quicktime being the more acceptable choices.]

Savanna’s diary, a nice attempt by the page to personalize the site to users is a flash ‘Diary’ of Savanna’s. Think, erotic story meets pic gallery and you’ll get the idea.

All in all a nice page, there is a ‘What’s New’ section, although it doesn’t contain any dates. Thoughtlessness on the webmasters behalf? Or a convenient way to stall updates? Membership is only $19.95 a month, which is accurate for a site of this calibre, lots of pics, slim on the broadband video. My advice is check out the non-pay portion of the site, if you like the looks of Savanna Samson, sign up because there’s lots more of her inside.

Review Update: 06-23-08 | by: Socks Manly

Holy fuck, even a Vivid contract girl can’t keep her website online? Pathetic! Anyways this site is 404’ing on me.

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User Comments

Posted by: Ian [SF] on 03-08-06

I’ve joined this site for 3 months and there aren’t any updates except Savanna’s own wine is on the shelf. Need I say more? Very disappointed

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