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Initial Review: 02-21-06 | by: Furry Monster | Last Updated: 05-29-09
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Shackled Maidens Review

Shackled Maidens, as the title suggests, is a site where you’ll see ladies bound in shackles. The main thing in here is photography, their pictures are artistic. Don’t expect hardcore BDSM, or anything near that.

They have 22 beautiful models, you can take a look at some of them without signing up. There are 106 new sets, and 5 more under “Old Sets”. Apparently there were more old sets, but they don’t share them anymore. As I said, the photos are artistic, with a dark theme. A lot of them are black & white too. I didn’t know there was this many types of handcuffs. 😉 In some compositions, the girls are behind bars, corsets appear too. As for nudity, they don’t hide anything, but everything is tasteful still. Some of them remindeded me of paintings.
There are 30-35 images in a set on average. Quality is good, and every set is downloadable in a ZIP file.

The video section is only a few months old, it has 6 movies so far. The girls get shackled, dominated, or they just lay in their cell. They are a few minutes long, format is MPEG, quality is good. It looks like they’re planning to add HQ movies too, but there’s none available yet.

That’s it for real content. There’s a message board too, where the fans have active discussions. They have their own Yahoo group too.

The site is updated every 4 days with a new set. Videos come monthly.

If you like the topic, you’ll like Shackled Maidens. Membership costs 20$ monthly, or a month of non-recurring membership is 23$. You can also get three months for 50$.

Review Update: 05-29-09 | by: Socks Manly

I was planning on doing a full new review for Shackled Maidens, as the review is 3 years old now, and after looking at their site I really liked it, so it’s worth the effort.

However after reading Furry’s review, I have to say he did a pretty bang on job of describing what this site is all about. I mean the title itself explains it, but how would you know? A site’s name and how focused they stick to it are separate things, hence our review site.

Shackled Maidens is TRULY about shackled girls. From handcuffs to cages, ropes to chains, they have it covered. As Furry stated, their content is very artistic, and much more artsy than hardcore. This is a classy site.

I’d say their tour doesn’t really reflect their content. It has a dark red design that makes me think dark and kinky, but yet they have classy artsy content. They could do a better job on the design without question, it’s just too disconnected from the members area. It’s just hard to tell that there’s a great website on the inside, and I can’t see how that’s good for business!

They use a lot of the same models, so it’s certainly a locally done and exclusively shot website. Nice. I always like sites that have models who return for more shoots.

ShackledMaidens.com is big too, they have over 400 photo sets online!

Unfortunately, the video section is where this site suffers. Some photographers just have a hard time making the move to video, because well, they’re not videographers! It’s just a whole different setup, and I’m sure he has his hands full shooting the photos. It’s not always as easy as it seems. There are only a handful of videos on the site, and while they’re well thought out and well made, the file sizes are small and the quantity is low.

Finally, you get two more similarly themed websites when you signup here. They’re nice extras, but aren’t as large as Shackled Maidens is. They’re sort of extra-focused on a particular sub-niche of the whole tied up with no place to go thing they do here.

Some serious fetish content here, as Furry said, if you like to see girls restrained, tied up and chained, then this site is for you.

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