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Initial Review: 06-19-03 | by: Max Harmer
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Sick Puppy Review

Sick Puppy now has new owners, a whole bunch of irate customers, and the SAME old design they used to have. This leads me to believe there’s something fishy going on here. I’ve contacted them for a new password so that we can re-review the site, we’ll see what comes of it. Until then, I can’t really recommend signing up to the site. Have a look at our user comments below this old review. Sorry for any trouble this has caused to our members. – Socks

SickPuppy.com, a site specializing in the extreme hardcore. Fisting, Pissing, Gyno, and BDSM of all kinds. The guys over at Sick Puppy have been working their tails off to bring their users some of the most outlandish porn on the internet. You get to see it all here. If you’re subscribed to other fetish sites, but they’re just not doing it for you, take a trip to Sick Puppy.
My first impression of the page was a glum one, the Highschool HTMl is hard on the eyes afterawhile, but luckily the porn is so top-quality that I didn’t have to fixate on the page itself. After logging into the members area and scrolling past the list of recent updates, I was able to browse the galleries. ‘Puss N Boots’ foot fetishists, ‘Cream Pups’ cum shots, ‘Catheter Sluts’, ‘Sadomasochistic Dogs’, ‘Paw Fucking’ fisting, ‘Gimme a bone’ dildos to the extreme, ‘The Fire Hydrant’ watersports, ‘Big Pussy’ gyno shots and gaping, and finally ‘Bottle Blondes’, any bottle will do for these girls.
After browsing the galleries for awhile I was convinced that SickPuppy has some of the best content production out there, If only the webmistress could learn some flash. 😉 The girls are hot, the action is packed. All of the images on the site are real and convincing. The BDSM shots out in a public park were particularily intriguing. Browsing is arranged in fast-loading thumbnail galleries, requiring minimal mouse use. [Ed: *Wink Wink, Nudge Nudge*]
The pics available on the site are highquality images, large and detailed. The close-up pussy shots are of such fine quality that one can detect the finest softest fuzz if one should look hard enough. If you don’t believe me, check out the sample pics! All kinds of insertions, expulsions, and some of it pushes the enveleope and I can’t even put it into words.
SickPuppy also has a movie archive with over 20 movies online at any given time. The movies are available in both broadband and modem spelections and are available in WindowsMediaViewer and Apple .mov [Quicktime] format. All of the movies cover the span of SickPuppy’s picture galleries.

The member base is quite the active community, sharing feedback and their opinions freely. It’s really nice to see communities forming on niche sites.

The site is also available in English, French, Spanish, Italian, and German, a nice touch. If I had any suggestions for the webmistress LadyK, I’d suggest an aesthetic update to the page, make things crisp and clean.

Updates come weekly, so hungering for new content shouldn’t be a problem. If it is, membership includes access to the archive, a large newsgroup-style pic listing. The site sells for $27.95 a month, which may seem like a bit much, but new weekly niche content is something that costs money, and this content is definitely worth it.

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User Comments

Posted by: Socks Manly [Toronto] on 01-19-05

Hey, Socks here, I run adultsitesurfer. Sorry for the outdated review, it’s really a task trying to keep up with things around here, especially with a site that’s changed owners. Unfortunately whenever we edit *anything* at the moment in a review, it changes the “last updated” date. We’re in the … [read more]

Posted by: Mike [Chicago IL] on 12-19-04

This website SUCKS, it is not sickpuppy anymore, it is SUCKPUPPY…. do not be fooled, do not join, the review above was not just updated, anyone who joins and views this site could never write the review above. “Last updated on Wednesday December 8, 2004” YEAH RIGHT< BULL SHIT!!! This ... [read more]

Posted by: Rhino [US] on 12-14-04

Okay, so this review was updated 12/08/04? Then WHERE is the updated review? It isn’t posted here!

It’s been a several months since I last had a membership to this site, but I’ll tell you it’s nothing at all like it used to be! NOTHING AT ALL!

It was at one time, … [read more]

Posted by: ladykiri [Europe] on 06-06-04

Hi guys – Yes – you are right. Sickpuppy was sold. The new owners are everything you all say they are. And more. I can’t say anything else publically, except that I am sorry – and what they have done to my site just breaks my … [read more]

Posted by: John P [Ronkonkoma] on 04-21-04

Very poor, very little content, photos above are not on the site, small members area, not Recommended.

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