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Initial Review: 06-04-03 | by: Max Harmer
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Sleek Online Review

SleekOnline.com is just that. Sleek, Online. After typing the URL into my browser and hitting enter, I was transported to a site that obviously had pizzaz. The quick-loading flash header, the sleek soundtrack, the flash advertising box, everything from the splash page on, was an aesthetic experience.

The professional quick-loading flashy site design aside, SleekOnline.com has another ace up their sleeve. Smokin hotties! In addition to the recognizeable nude star photoshoots found on Sleek, they’ve also been giving semi-celebs their first nude shoots! Giving you the first chance to see stars nude is something celeb sites should strive for, and this isn’t even a celeb site! You’ll be able to see (among others,) Jesse Golden, previously only seen clothed in Abercrombie & Fitch, Sketchers, and Victoria Secret commercials. Now seen nude at SleekOnline.com [Ed: and about an inch to your mouse cursor’s right..]

The site is in magazine style format, new updates come once a month to all the categories. Those categories, are as follows: Models, My Media, Sex, Style, Sports, Travel, and Entertainment. Now, those categories may all sound different. But most still have naked girls scattered throughout. The Models section is a current listing of all the models in the issue. The Sex column has picsets of the interviewee of the month, (this month was Aria Giovanni) as well as other sex-related articles. The Style column pays homage to the designers that dress the girls, and features magazine publicity shots from Prada, Gucci, and even Manolo Blahnik. [Ed: Overpriced Italian womens shoes.]

Let’s see.. where was I. Ah yes, The Sports section features a monthly interview with a sports figure. This month, it was Rick Fox’s honour. He talks about the victory over Sacramento, [Ed: *Ahem* Which won’t be repeated, The Kings stole the Raptors’ Keon Clark to combat Shaq.] as well as answering questions as diplomatically as possible considering it is an interview for a porn site. An example:

Who are your favourite Actors? Actresses?

Sidney Poitier, Denzel Washington, Don Cheadle, Samuel Jackson, Wait, What about actresses? Oh, you can answer that. Hmm, well no I better not…my kids!

Hilarious Rick. 😉

The travel section of the site contains shoots from around the globe, updated monthly. The columnist? None other than ‘Wild On’ host Brooke Burke herself. Posing for photographers in a variety of destinations, this months being Belize.

The entertainment section contains articles and columns by and about Hollywood celebrities and porn stars. This month included picsets from up and coming starlets Summer Altice and Kat Randolph.
The site will set you back $19.95 a month, which isn’t so bad, considering you’re guarenteed to get a site revamp with brand new content every time your credit card is charged. Meaning, every 30 days, the new ‘magazine’ comes online.

The movies on the site are lengthly clips from photoshoots. Not a lot of action, just posing. It’s what you’d expect from a glamourous magazine-based site like this one.

The only drawback that I could find were that the size of all the pictures on the site was a little small. Sure, I know the webmasters are trying to conserve bandwidth. But squinting at porn is not my idea of an experience. Perhaps you guys could start increasing the scan resolution? Your rating would surely rise.

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User Comments

Posted by: Peter [USA] on 06-03-05

site closed

Posted by: Ryan [Calif.] on 12-04-02

Joined the site and am very disappointed to say the least. The girls are barely nude on the site- once in a while you get some topless stuff in some of the galleries. Amount of pics is VERY small, I don’t know why they got 17/20 for content when most … [read more]

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