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Initial Review: 09-12-09 | by: Socks Manly | Last Updated: 05-02-10
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StudioHD Review

StudioHD looks a lot like a typical paysite when you visit, yet it’s different in so many ways. First, they don’t shoot any of their own content. They basically aggregate some or all of the HD videos that are produced by a number of popular studios. How they accomplished this I’m not sure, but rest assured they’re legally allowed to be distributing content on behalf of these studios at StudioHD.com.

Next there’s the fact that this site has no members area. At least not a traditional one. I didn’t realize that after looking at the tour, and they don’t really come out and say it, but you need to download software to view the videos once you’re a StudioHD member.

Now now, before you go clicking away, I was hesitant too. We have NEVER reviewed a site that needed extra software to access, in over 2,500 reviews here at ASS. Not once. If we found something like that, we’d just skip it. I’m not risking my PC for one site! Yet somehow this is different. I know some of the people who made this site, and I trust that these studios wouldn’t be involved if it was shady. So I went ahead and downloaded the StudioHD client called Vuze, formerly called Azureus. I did some Google searches, and they stated there is NO spyware, NO adware, and NO viruses. In fact this is open source software, so if you’re talented enough you can actually open up the hood and see for yourself in a sense.

I made sure to “customize” my StudioHD install, as I knew they had some tricks up their sleeve there. Sure enough, I had to uncheck a few boxes that wanted me to install some extra toolbars into my browser, and to say no thanks, I don’t want Ask.com as my default search engine. Other than that, the install went just fine.

It also mentioned to associate Torrent files to my new StudioHD Vuze client, which I unchecked as well. Also weird that it mentioned torrents I thought, however after using the program it was more clear – this IS a torrent program. Even the content you get from their servers is part supported by you, as it uploads what you’ve downloaded. Not much. I left the program open some hours ago, and I see that it downloaded 400mb, and has uploaded 12mb so far, for a 0.03% ratio.

Also I got maximum speeds for my connection at 1,250k/s, so that was no problem. I did notice that if I throttled my upload by setting it to 2k/s max in the Vuze program, that my speeds immediately dropped to the 600k/s range. So I just set it back.

Inside the site there’s a plethora of content from all these different porn studios, and you can browse by all sorts of ways. In my resolution it shows me 2 rows of 6 thumbnails for each movie, and there’s 64 pages. That adds up to 768 movies in total at StudioHD, pretty impressive! Especially considering some of these studios aren’t known for the quantity they put out.

They also have a varied photo section from some of the studios, however it’s much smaller at around 100 sets total.

I liked how easy it was to download something, and that I didn’t have to choose where anything went. You watch the movies from StudioHD inside the program which was no problem, and you still have the files on your HD to watch in any other player should you choose. For either the computer enthusiast who likes to know what’s happening and have the files, to the person who could care less, they have both bases covered. It’s almost like someone over there was thinking!

It should also be said that StudioHD is what they call an HD Network inside the Vuze program. It appears along with the normal Vuze HD Network available as well, and looks much like iTunes does on the left hand side. You just pick which one you want to view. There’s tons of interesting stuff at the normal HD Network you get for free, including HD movie trailers, made for web TV shows, user uploaded content, etc. It’s the same one click download and watch as with the porn.

A very interesting site to review I must say. It’s like a media delivery platform rather than a website, yet acts and functions much the same way as a website would too. It adapts incredibly well to delivering porn from an archive such as this, and with nearly 800 videos it’s hard to go wrong no matter how you look at it. It’s not like their studio list is short on talent or something, these are some of the top producers in the world, who are ranked in the top 50 sites we have. It’s hard to really find a flaw here. StudioHD signs up new studios pretty regularly too, so in addition to the steady flow of new stuff, there’s also batch additions that come in chunks as new studios are added. Pretty cool stuff.

The price is $29.99 a month, or $3.99 for a 3 day trial. They also have a number of multi month options. There were no shady cross sales which I was happy to find.

The participating studios at StudioHD are:

  • Burning Angel
  • Czech Super Stars
  • David Nudes
  • Digital Desire (DDGirls)
  • LSG Models
  • Mac & Bumble
  • Martin Krake
  • MC Nudes
  • Mystique
  • Pretty4Ever
  • Walter Bosque
  • Watch4Beauty
  • Xisty

Review Update: 05-02-10 | by: Socks Manly

Amazingly, somehow some way, this site no longer exists.

I set sites to 0 on a regular basis, that’s nothing new. But this was a huge, new site with great connections and was very modern. Must be something weird. Anyways nothing here anymore! Nothing but history.

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