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Latest Review: 11-22-06 | by: Furry Monster

TNV Girls Review

After the first review by Max Harmer in 2003, and the update by Socks in 2004, I decided to do a complete, fresh re-review of the site. TNV Girls, or Thursday Night Video Girls features teen girls, and their speciality is girl-girl kissing. There’s a lot of softcore stuff, girls posing naked or in their underwear. It has gotten a little bit harder, now there’s pussy eating and a little fingering. Plus a few videos in the new Fainting section, with guys & girls fondling girls who are asleep.

The site has 35 models, almost all of them fit in the ‘cute teen’ category. Both the photos and videos section are divided into sections, such as Panties, Nude, Girl Play, Girl on Girl, Parties. Fainting, Long Play, and Specials are only available under videos. You can also browse the sections by model.

I counted 179 photo galleries, Panties, Girl Play, Girl on Girl has a lot of stuff, Nude and Parties sections are smaller. There’s a lot of softcore posing stuff as I said, with no bottom-nudity. There are nice sets with girls cuddling and kissing, sometimes eating each other out.
I wasn’t too satisfied with the image quality, it’s medium on today’s scale. The highest resolution photos are 1024×768 here, many are lower. The real issue is that they didn’t use enough lighting, so the images are rather dark. The upside is that all sets can be downloaded in one ZIP file.

There are 196 movies, most of them are short though The Nude and the Fainting categories are the small ones, others have a nice amount of movies. All videos are from 2006, they got rid of some of the old lower quality content, and switched over to 800-1000 kbps WMV, and a few movies are available in DivX format. So most stuff is both downloadable and streamable. Video quality is nice.

The video content is absolutely creative, and sensual, with a lot of kissing and stroking – they feel like amateur movies. There’s soft posing clips, in the Nude section one a masturbation video too. Girl Play and Girl on Girl are not the same thing here, in the first one there’s just soft touching, the girls stroke each other at most. In Girl on Girl there’s kissing, cuddling, sometimes they go further and suck on each others nipples, and eat each other out. In the Fainting section, there’s movies where girls, or a guy fondles sleeping girls. Parties category is quite cool, it has slumber parties with girls playing strip poker or twister, or another time they have camping.
My personal favorites are in Long Play and Specials, those are the longest movies with the most action. Long Play has ~15 minutes movies, Specials has two one hour long movies, which they change monthly. I found some sizzling hot lesbian movies in here. There’s a big problem though – these longer movies are DRM protected, you won’t be able to play them if you cancel your membership. Another downside is that many movies are only available in 3 minutes long segments, you cannnot download them in one big file.

What else? There’s a few bonus galleries, plug-in content, video interviews with a few models, and a message board where they do answer your questions. There’s one more interesting bonus, TNV holds annual parties, where members can hang out with the staff and models. Their next event is scheduled for Fall ‘2006.

The main page promises 3 weekly updates, but lately there was a lot more than that. That’s what I call a nice.

TNV Girls is an original site, not many others carry similar content – those I can think of are Sapphic Erotica and LittleMutt. Movies is the better section here, I wasn’t too impressed by the photos. Although there’s a lot of video content, I felt like they’re holding back a bit, and you can only get the most interesting lesbian stuff if you buy their DVDs. It wouldn’t hurt to add some more longer movies to the site, plus the DRM thing is not too nice. Still, this site is unique and great, if you’re interested in this kind of stuff, you won’t regret paying for it.
Recurring membership costs 25$ monthly, but starting from the 4th month, it’s only 20$. You can also get two months non-recurring membership for 45$, or three months for 60$.

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