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Initial Review: 07-15-05 | by: Furry Monster | Last Updated: 05-09-07
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VideoBox Review

VideoBox is a new site featuring full length movie downloads. They license porn movies from different studios, and offer them in electronic format. It currently has 409 DVDs online, and they add a new one daily.
Yes, it is like Deluxe Pass and VideosZ. In fact, its more like the second one, as it has all movies available from one single interface. The difference is, that they use WMV format (no DRM!), there are advanced streaming options, and the price is incredible.

They’ve selected movies from a wide range of studios, though only 1-2 movies from many of them. Here’s the list:
Acid Rain, Adam & Eve, Atlas, Baby Doll, Big Top, Black Mirror, Caballero, Celestial, Cherry Boxxx, Coast to Coast, Dane, Demolition, Devil’s Films, Dreamland, Elegant Angel, Future Works, Gentlemens, Ghost Pro, Gotham Gold, Heatwave, Hollywood Hunter, I’m So Busy, Jill Kelly, Jon Dough, Legend, Legend Video, Lethal Hardcore, Limelight, Lord Perious, Multimedia, NJ Films, Noose, Notorious, Original Sin, Puritan, Rain, Red Light District, Sunshine, Totally Tasteless, Touchy Subject, Typhoon, Wayne, Wildlife, and Zero Tolerance
Red Light, and Elegant Angel have far more than the others.

Let’s see how you can find the desired movie. You can list all DVDs, or all Scenes by name, date added, popularity. You can browse them by Studio, Series, or Star. Then there are a lot of categories, movies are sorted under more of them. There’s an internal Favourites option, so you can bookmark movies which you’d like to check out later. Finally, the good old search option, where you can enter any word, and it will search between movie names, descriptions, and actresses.

Once you’ve found the porno of your choice, the page of the DVD will open. It has a lot of links, so you’ll be able to find movies by the same studio, category, or actress. The movies are split 5-10 into scenes, you can only watch/download them separately. Format is WMV, you can watch them streamed or download them. There are three different resolutions, with 150, 300-400, 650-1040kbps bitrate. In my opinion, this site is only enjoyable if you have a broadband. Filesizes aren’t that big – one scene is 50-150mbytes. Quality varies, there’s many medium, and there are some decent ones too. I love the streaming system – each scene has many small captures from it. You can drag one of them, and play it. This way it’s easy to find the right moments.

This site has a great quantity, interface, search features. Quality could be a bit better overall. The best thing is yet to come though – it’s only 10$ monthly! An insane price for such a site with unlimited downloads, but it’s true. I have nothing else to say.

Deluxe Pass, VideosZ, and VideoBox comparsion – July 15th, 2005 by Furry Monster

These three sites are similar, all of them aim to archive a lot of porn DVDs online, and offer downloads. I’ve decided to write a comparsion, to make our readers’ choice easier. Deluxe Pass is the oldest one, VideosZ has been around for more than a year, while VideoBox is just a few months old.

Quantity: Deluxe Pass certainly has way more stuff than the other two, with an amazing 11.000+ gigabytes. It’s content is various though, and you’ll also find amateur stuff. Some movies are present on several of the smaller sites, so they’re counted more than once. If you only look at the listed retail, hardcore movies – I’d say VideosZ is up to par with it. VideoBox is the smallest one, but it’s still huge compared to an average porn site – it has over 400 titles.
Of course many movies match on these sites, but it’d be an ignorant thing to say, that they’re the same. There are differences in their selections.

Quality: Deluxe Pass and VideosZ were very close, both offering high quality content. Now that VideosZ started adding WMVs, I miss the DivX/XviD files, they were better in my opinion. Most of the movies are still multi-format on VideosZ though. You should also know, while you may find the highest quality files on Deluxe Pass, it has more diverse content, although there’s some not so good ones as well. VideoBox loses this round, it’s generally medium quality.

Diversity: Deluxe Pass works in an AVS system, so different people are feeding it with content. That means there’s quite some rare, amateur stuff in here too. It is the only one to have photos, and a significant amount of gay content. You could spend ages exploring the whole site. Mainstream, retail adult movies are present on all sites, and all subcategories of them.

Comfort: VideosZ and VideoBox are the best ones in this aspect. All content is in one big database, searchable by title and actress. You can stream everything straight off these sites. VideoBox even has the amazing visual scene selection for streaming. Deluxe Pass can become annoying to browse. It’s like a jungle with all those little sites, lacking search features. You also have to enter your password a million times. As it’s all DivX/XviD, you can’t stream them, only download.
VideosZ has also lost some of its charm, since they switched to the DRM protected WMV format.

Speed: None of the sites did real well for me. In the busy hours, VideosZ and Deluxe Pass got pathetic sometimes. I couldn’t max out from VideoBox either, but it was still the best. However, one shouldn’t forget, that it’s still new. As I mentioned in the reviews, I’m from Europe – I’d appreciate American surfers’ reports in this matter. The conclusion is, that heavy use of download managers with multi-thread support is recommended.

Price: VideoBox wins, hands down. 10$ monthly is an incredible price for such a site. It makes people pay for porn, who never have before. DeluxePass and VideosZ come second hand in hand, with their 30$ monthly fee.

I hope that I’ve made it easier for you – have fun with the site of your choice!

Review Update: 05-09-07 | by: Socks Manly

Time for an update, VideoBox has continued to grow in leaps and bounds, now offering over 15,000 scenes and 2,745 videos. If that’s somehow not enough, they add a full 5 videos per day. Considering there’s usually 5-6 full scenes per video, that’s probably close to 12 hours of new content every day. If you manage to watch it all, you probably need professional porn counseling! I know I might after I’m done here, there’s just so much to choose from.

One of the coolest new features from is their slider that lets you browse about 60 small thumbnails per scene, and choose the part you want to start and stop at. You drag one thumbnail to the starting spot, and then do the same for your ending point, and it conveniently allows you to download or stream that exact piece you chose. The company behind VideoBox called Meta Interfaces is well known for their forward thinking as far as technology goes, and always seem to be releasing some new ingenius way to view porn.

This site probably solves the constant downloading and saving that many people go through, because for such a low price of $10-15 depending on the video quality you choose, you might as well just keep using the site. Talk about 2007.

There are more porn studios than ever putting their retail XXX dvd’s online at VideoBox, the price has stayed the same, and it’s only grown larger and better since they started. A truly stand out DVD porn site at VideoBox!

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User Comments

Posted by: fkknuckle [USA] on 04-05-09

Used to be a great site, $17.00 for unlimited DVD quality downloads. Now its an additional $17.00 per studio to download anything from Vivid or Evil Empire. WTF? It was the Videobox base price a couple of months ago(today is Apr 4 2009)to download the same shit. I have already … [read more]

Posted by: Jack [El Lay Californicator] on 09-17-05

100! Great site! At $9.95, you get a wide range of very high quality porn with NO RESTRICTIONS. The search features are perfect and the commentary for each scene is very helpful.

When I found this site I felt I found a real keeper for a long, long time.

Sorry video store. … [read more]

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