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Latest Review: 07-14-05 | by: Socks Manly
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VideosZ Review

About a year has passed since the original review, it’s about time to visit this site again. One of my aims this time is to give our surfers a comparsion of VideosZ, Deluxe Pass, and VideoBox. You’ll find that below.

Let’s take a look at the facts first – VideosZ contains scenes from 803 movies now. So they’ve added a bit less than one movie a day on average. Another interesting thing is, that new updates pages are filled with movies produced by Sin City and Dane Productions. Those studios weren’t present on VideosZ a year ago. I guess new deals have just gone through, so they’re posting their older movies as well. Hollywood, Fat Dog, Heatwave – those are new here as well, though there’s only a few titles from them.

VideosZ has upgraded their servers in late May, to assure faster downloads. I still got quite bad speeds, but it may be better from the States. Fortunately they don’t limit the number of downloads, so you could still get good speeds using several threads, or a download manager. I’d appreciate some comments regarding download speeds, especially from people with a fast connection. Please, feel free to post!

New releases are only available WMV format. There are three bitrates, 2048, 1024, 512kbps. Now that might make streaming easier, but otherwise multi-format was better. DivX were better quality usually. The worst part is that they use DRM (Digital Rights Management) in them. That means, that you’ve got to enter your username/password when playing a file for the first time. You could have problems playing it later, when you cancel your membership, or reinstall your computer. Not to mention that it’s a pain to play them in standalone players, or other operating systems than Windows.

Quantity grew, but there were some disappointing changes. Don’t get me wrong, this is still one of the top movie sites, and most of the porn is available in many formats. The interface still is very user-friendly, I love the search features.

Deluxe Pass, VideosZ, and VideoBox comparsion – July 15th, 2005 by Furry Monster

These three sites are similar, all of them aim to archive a lot of porn DVDs online, and offer downloads. I’ve decided to write a comparsion, to make our readers’ choice easier. Deluxe Pass is the oldest one, VideosZ has been around for more than a year, while VideoBox is just a few months old.

Quantity: Deluxe Pass certainly has way more stuff than the other two, with an amazing 11.000+ gigabytes. It’s content is various though, you’ll also find amateur stuff too. Some movies are present on more little sites, so they’re counted more than once. If you only look at the listed retail, hardcore movies – I’d say VideosZ is up to par with it. VideoBox is the smallest one, but it’s still huge compared to an average porn site – it has over 400 titles.
Of course many movies match on these sites, but it’d be an ignorant thing to say, that they’re the same. There are differences in their selections.

Quality: Deluxe Pass and VideosZ were very close, both offering high quality content. Now that VideosZ started adding WMVs, I miss the DivX/XviD files, they were better in my opinion. Most of the movies are still multi-format on VideosZ though. You should also know, while you may find the highest quality files on Deluxe Pass, it has more diverse content, there’s some not so good ones as well. VideoBox loses this round, it’s generally medium quality.

Diversity: Deluxe Pass works in an AVS system, so different people to feed it with content. That means, there’s quite some rare, amateur stuff in here too. It is the only one to have photos, and a significant amount of gay content. You could spend ages exploring it. Mainstream, retail adult movies are present on all sites, all subcategories of them.

Comfort: VideosZ and VideoBox are the best ones in this aspect. All content is in one big database, searchable by title and actress. You can stream everything straight off these sites. VideoBox even has the amazing visual scene selection for streaming. Deluxe Pass can become annoying to browse. It’s like a jungle with all those little sites, lacking search features. You also have to enter your password a million times. As it’s all DivX/XviD, you can’t stream them, only download.
VideosZ has also lost some of its charm, since they switched to the DRM protected WMV format.

Speed: None of the sites did real well for me. In the busy hours, VideosZ and Deluxe Pass got pathetic sometimes. I couldn’t max out from VideoBox either, but it was still the best. However, one shouldn’t forget, that it’s still new. As I mentioned in the reviews, I’m from Europe – I’d appreciate American surfers’ reports in this matter. The conclusion is, that heavy use of download managers with multi-thread support is recommended.

Price: VideoBox wins, hands down. 10$ monthly is an incredible price for such a site. It makes people pay for porn, who never have before. DeluxePass and VideosZ come second hand in hand, with their 30$ monthly fee.

I hope that I’ve made it easier for you – have fun with the site of your choice!

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User Comments

Posted by: Socks Manly [Toronto] on 01-29-06

Hey, just wanted to chime in, as the “connection speed” comment just isn’t fair. Maybe in Australia you aren’t getting good speeds. I understand, it’s unfortunate. But I get 500+k/s from the site, and I’m sure other people do too.

Posted by: DP [Australia] on 01-21-06

Avoid this website. Their servers are very SLOW (takes 6 hours to download a 160mb clip – and I have a broadband connection!!). Plus, the members login link doesn’t work so you can’t even access the site. 0 our ot 10. Don’t listen to the “official” reviews. They don’t know … [read more]

Posted by: Alexeyhardcore [Belgium] on 01-08-06

I think this site is pretty good. If you want to download their videos without the protection you’ll just have to download the other format as said before… The reason why they have a lot of the same content as DeluxePass, is because they are ran by the same owners!
I … [read more]

Posted by: Murry Fuff [Around] on 12-25-05

Great Site, highest quality movies compared to most other “full movie download” sites. DRM is easily removed from the WMV’s if you know how to use Google.

Posted by: RobDude [My house] on 12-23-05

Don’t pay for this site. All of their new movies will be DRM protected. Unless you are a computer h4x0r god – you won’t be able to watch them once your subscription runs up. STAY AWAY.

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