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Initial Review: 01-07-09 | by: Socks Manly
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Warm Kiss Review

Warm Kiss was recently submitted for a review, and wow! It’s like a flashback from the late 1990’s, a REAL amateur porn site. The cool part is that this is a full HD site too, with nice large 1080 videos for my (I mean your!) downloading pleasures.

So how can a hi def HD site be so oldschool? I guess it’s just the simple design, and the way they shoot their videos. It just seems like a one dude kinda operation, who puts a camera on a tripod and fucks chicks, plain and simple. The girls look real amateur, the filming is very raw, but it’s all in 2009 kinda quality.

They make some basic mistakes too, like using HUGE images on their tour and members area, in BMP format, that are like 2MB in size each. Ugh! It takes forever just to load the page to see the chicks for me here, since I’m not at home right now on my blazing connection. But honestly, I’m happy to be reviewing a site like this, so I don’t really care much. I know they’ll be reading this review though, and moving my button to the top of their page (right??) so maybe they’ll take some intitiative, loading up photoshop and optimizing those images!

So anyways, on to the porno. Their slogan is “Real natural sex creampie amateur lesbian make-out”… I swear… What the fuck that means is anyones guess, I mean how do you have a lesbian creampie? I think they just mean that there’s a mix of all that, and sometimes when there’s two chicks they’ll kiss and share a creampie. I think the domain WarmKiss.com is a great choice for that, very fitting.

All the videos have internal cumshots and oozing creampies, very nice. Creampie fans will love their raw amateur HD creampie videos.

Every set has videos in 2 formats for those who can’t or don’t want to download the larger HD sized videos (600+mb from what I downloaded) in WMV format.

The pictures are in a seperate image gallery at the bottom, and another tip for the webmasters here (ahem, single dude) you should totally link them from the videos, just easier for your members and less for you to manage as the site grows! Also there aren’t “sets” of images, just single random shots… in BMP format! What the fuck is going on here.. The amateur thing is getting a little overboard! The BMP’s are huge and look great, but I mean… I can’t remember the last time I saw a BMP picture on a porn site. Honestly.

You got the chick at your place, she’s naked and been well fucked, so spend an extra 30 minutes and shoot a proper set mmmmkay? Shit do it first, then have her redress for the video. This isn’t rocket science Mr Crew Cut! Detailllls.

Ok endrant, Warm Kiss is off to a great start, I think they need to spend some time and re-think some of this stuff, but the important part is the videos and they’re doing a good job. Some of you might not like that the video angles don’t change, but hey, it’s amateur right? I like this kinda stuff, but everyone doesn’t, can’t please everyone I guess.

The best part about Warmkiss is that you get around 20 big HD videos for $14.95 a month, and the site is just getting started. Can’t complain! Sexy amateur girls, juicy creampies, and HD WMVs. Oh I’d also like to see some dates on their updates, no dates, so it’s hard to tell when things are happening here.

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