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  Initial Review: 09-29-04 | by: Furry Monster   Free Pics

Wendy June Review

Wendy June is a professional glamour model. You may have seen her on different pages, and in magazines like playboy and Maxim. The site is quite simple, its main thing is the Photo section.

There are 150 photo galleries at the moment. Being a professional model, Wendy June mostly poses in lingerie, bikinis, and some outfits. She goes as far to show you her tits, but no bare pussy. The sets are fairly various location- and scenery-wise. Nothing extremely original, but nice. Quality is decent for the new sets, and the old ones are medium. A strange feature is, that you can download a screensaver for each gallery. (Cubes rotating with Wendy on their sides, they weren’t too exciting to me..) Under My Girlfriends, you’ll find 94 more galleries of other hot models.

The videos section isn’t as good. There are 8 video clips overall, they are 2-3 minutes long. Wendy poses on them, they were taken at photo shoots. Format is WMV, and they’re compressed in ZIP files too, which is pointles. wendy, give us ZIPs for the photo sets rather! Video quality is low. In the Live cams section, you get access to CamZ network. I’m not sure if Wendy performs there, there’s not schedule on the site. You can also get 1-on-1 shows, but that costs you extra. Same goes for talking to Wendy over the phone.

The diary is nice, Wendy updated it weekly, and there’s a lot of jokes, thoughts between them. As a bonus, you can browse The Amateur Magazine.

A new gallery is added every week.

There are some good photos on this site. I recommend it if you really like her, or you’re a fan. In that case, you’ll love it. This site could be much better with high-res photos and videos. Membership costs 20$ monthly.


 User Comments
 Posted by: t [i] on 06-13-06
Hey there you big tited bimbo. I know you want me to cum all over your tits with my 12 inch cock. Then you can suck on it like the dumb bitch that you are and I can squeeze the life outta those juggs. Then I’ll shoot my creamy load … [read more]
 Posted by: Luke [Pitsburg] on 05-30-06
She is a high maintenance bimbo. I had my friend come up to me and ask for my picture taken with him like I was a huge rock star. I told him to get lost. Then the bimbo comes up to me and clings to my arm. I slapped her … [read more]
 Posted by: anton [pouy] on 05-19-06
She is a real high maintenance bitch. But if you got the cash to give her what she wants, you are in for the best blow job of your life. The Bimbo loves getting slammed in the butt too.
 Posted by: Jim [Ridgeport] on 05-18-06
I pulled her over once for speeding. She had another bimbo friend, Karen Mcdougal, with her and said that the police never stopped her from going over 100 miles an hour casue girls with big tits don’t have to go by the same rules as everyone else. Then the bimbos … [read more]
 Posted by: Andrew [lopso] on 05-09-06
shes got big bimbo tits

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