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Initial Review: 10-27-05 | by: Socks Manly
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What French Girls Know Review

What French Girls Know was recently submitted to us for review, so I logged in to check it out. The free tour gave me the impression that this might be a really great find, as there were plenty of pretty french girls in their tour, and everything looked quite amateur. I’m guessing the site is just getting started, even though they have a good deal of content already available for their members. Let’s take a further look.

This site is filmed in Paris, France so it doesn’t get much more authentic. They give you a very basic map of Paris in the members area, with a few landmarks throughout, and the location of their studio. You often see different parts of Paris from their Limosine as well, I even saw one girl get out naked on a bridge to take some pictures with the eiffel tower in the background. It’s interesting to note that they always speak in French in the videos on this site, but everything is subtitled in English at the bottom. It’s great!

What French Girls Know is broken down into three main sections, and all are very video based. The categories are French Babes, The Real Thing, and Strip Car. Kind of strange sections, I admit, but it’s really what makes this site unique and special.

The French Babes section features pretty French women mainly in solo masturbation scenes, but there’s also a few lesbian ones thrown in as well. The videos are very long and in good quality, and some of the models are really attractive. Lots of dildo usage here in this section! There are 29 updates in French Babes, some with pictures, some without.

The Real Thing features amateurs and people they call “libertines”. They say the girls contact the site and asked to be setup with various “libertines” to make a video for the site. They arrange it and film the encounter. There’s a good focus on 3 and 4somes here, lots of multiple guy on one girl sets in this section, and quite hardcore! I really got the feeling these videos are the genuine article, as they’re all so different. Many of the people on the site wear old eye-masks, to mask their identities, both the girls and guys. I’d say maybe 25% of their videos have some form of face mask. Anyways I really enjoyed this amateur section, there’s a good deal of anal and double penetration here too. There are 26 updates here, and files are often over 200mb.

Finally there is a Strip Car section at What French Girls Know, which is probably the most interesting of the three. They find a couple who want to be filmed having sex on camera, and they go for a ride in their full sized limo. There’s usually a “show host” a “stripper” and the couple, plus a camera man. They hold a kind of quiz-game show in the limo, and when the couple gets a question wrong, the girl has to strip. If they get a question right, the stripper has to strip. After both girls are naked, the host and stripper usually get out of the car, and the couple commence the fucking. Seems like again many of the girls here are loving the anal sex. There are 8 episodes in this section so far, and usually are around 450mb each! They are long and in great quality. They’re only available in single files to download, so you need a good connection here.

Overall this was a great find. A nice solid new amateur porno site from France, with pretty girls and hardcore action. Some beautiful French accents here too, and people who look like they’re having a great time. The large videos in a single download are obviously great for high speed users, but not so much for people on a slower connection.

Finally, I have some major suggestions for this site, to really make it great. First and foremost, they need to start dating everything on the site. There’s no dates! This is a serious negative, and so simple to fix.

Next, this site really needs some digital photography work. Only maybe 10% of the sets on this site have pictures at all, and when there are some, they’re just captures from the videos. They need to go the distance on this one, bite the bullet, and offer high quality digital photos. The models are sexy, but often you can’t even get her looking at the camera in any of the pictures! Some of the best sets I can’t even share a photo with you guys, because they’re not available.

Finally the huge video files, while great for me, could be a serious detriment to someone with a modem or similar slower speed connection. The videos should be broken up into maybe 25-50mb parts for people who prefer this.

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