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Initial Review: 06-24-10 | by: Socks Manly
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Wife Writing Review

When I first learned of this site I read something they wrote that said that they went places with this site that few others would be willing to go. That’s really saying something coming from the world of pornographers, especially people who produce hard interracial content.

If you’re a fan of extreme porn, you’ve surely seen women with writing scrawled across their bodies and faces, and that’s the basic idea here. They just focus on it, include it in every set, apply it to wives / milfs instead of anyone, and sort of take it to the next level overall.

This phenomenon is also referred to as tagging, which is also used to denote any graffiti written (aka tagged) with a marker. I guess you could call this human graffiti. Or white cock slut graffiti if you’re speaking the extreme porn language.

Inside the member zone things are pretty basic, yet done really well. I like how all the content is displayed without having to visit each set. Basically you’ll see 5 updates per page, and instead of pictures showing you what the scene is about, there’s a big widescreen flash video player that you can just start playing. It serves a double purpose, as there’s a frozen frame image on each so you can see the girl etc.

If streaming isn’t your thing, below each player is some information on the scene, a rating, and a slew of download options. You can download the videos as parts, usually in 3 segments of around 50mb each. You can also grab them as full length single files, at broadband and mid-band speeds as they call it. The broadband files are around 150-250mb, and the mid band in the 100-175mb range. There are also smaller clips cut into 10-15 pieces of 9-12mb each.

All videos are in WMV format, no exceptions.

Pictures are offered as video captures, hi rez photos and what they call 4-panel pics, which are 4 pictures together in a single frame, with a big Wife Writing logo between them. Not sure what the idea behind those is.

There are 42 updates so far available on the site, and everything is dated. A new episode is added once a week on a schedule. The first set is dated July 12th, 2009.

Going forward I’d like to see some high definition movies in widescreen. The current broadband videos are 640×480 which is standard sized (not widescreen) and would look a lot more modern at higher resolutions with bigger filesizes. They still look good, and 640×480 isn’t small, but it’s only a matter of time before they’ll start to seem a bit dated.

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