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Ella Hollywood, born September 19, 1999, is a notable figure in the adult film industry as a trans actress. 

Standing 172cm tall and of white ethnicity, she has made a name for herself through her performances and contributions to the industry. 

Despite her popularity, Ella has no affiliate program, distinguishing her from other adult film stars who engage in such ventures. 

Her work is a testament to the increasing diversity and inclusivity within the entertainment world, particularly in adult content, where individuals like Ella break barriers and advocate for more excellent representation and acceptance.

Ella Hollywood’s Social Media Profiles

To connect with Ella Hollywood on social media, you can find her on various platforms where she shares updates and engages with her audience. 

On OnlyFans, you can subscribe to her content by searching for her username, “ella_hollywood.” 

For a glimpse into her life beyond her work, Ella can be found on Instagram under the handle “sodacattv.” 

Here, you’ll discover her moments and professional updates, allowing you to see the person behind the screen.

To stay updated with her professional ventures and thoughts, Twitter is the place to be. 

Ella’s Twitter handle is “sodacatxxx,” where she shares insights, interacts with fans, and informs you about her latest projects.

Remember to respect her boundaries and privacy while engaging with her on these platforms, as she uses them to connect with her fans and share aspects of her life beyond the adult film industry.

Sites Where You Can Find Ella Hollywood

To view Ella’s content, you can visit several websites.

The first one should be her website. She uses it to post content and updates about future videos and projects.

On PornHub, she goes by the title Jean Hollywood. She is ranked 1187 and has over 68 million video views and 86.7K subscribers.

She also posts her videos on Tranny.one, as she already has around 351 videos posted, accumulating over 865K views.

Lastly, on Xhamster, she has posted 192 videos and gained over 36 million views while also capturing the attention of 32K loyal followers.

Most Popular Awards Won by Ella Hollywood

Ella Hollywood’s nominations for the AVN Awards, a prestigious accolade in the adult film industry, underscore her talent and impact as a transgender performer.

  • 2020 AVN Award Nomination – Transgender Performer of the Year: Being nominated for the Transgender Performer of the Year award in 2020 is a significant achievement. It demonstrates Ella’s dedication to her craft and ability to stand out in a competitive field. 
  • 2021 AVN Award Nomination – Transgender Performer of the Year: To be recognized as a nominee in the same category for two consecutive years is a testament to her talent and the positive reception of her work by fans and industry professionals.

Does Ella Hollywood Offer Escort Services?

One final note about Ella Hollywood is that they don’t provide an escort service.

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